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5 Benefits Of Artificial Turf For Playground

Looking for benefits of artificial turf for playground?

Playgrounds are place where children and adults enjoy walking and playing, and beauty of playground attracts people but in such playgrounds, its hard to maintain grass because of extra crowd and overuse, in this case choosing artificial turf will be the best choice because of its incredible and marvelous uses.


Playgrounds are place mostly where children play and enjoy, and natural grass in these grounds is not very hard to maintain but also not safe for kids.

While playing there are more chances of injury and they fall on ground frequently, in this case artificial grass cannot provide that level of safety because of its hard bristles it scratches soft skin of kids and there are more chances of getting injured, as compared to natural grass artificial grass is much more safe because of its cautioning and layering it is soft and it does not scratch skin when comes in contact.

Natural grass is also soggy and full of soil that may contain germs that can infect children, but artificial grass has no contact with soil hence it is more hygienic and safe for kids.

Low Maintenance

Grass is an essential component for designing playgrounds because its color and texture attracts children a lot and they love to play and enjoy in such places.

Natural grass looks attractive but at the same time its very difficult to maintain it because on regular intervals you have to trim it in appropriate length and for that purpose you have to spend some money and moreover maintaining texture of natural grass in different seasons is difficult and you have to water it properly for visible growth and beauty.

In contrast to natural grass using artificial grass in playgrounds is more beneficial because you do not have to maintain it on regular basis, once you place it properly in professional manner kids can use it frequently without worrying about its maintenance. This easy to manage and low cost pros of artificial turf are making it more popular in playgrounds and other public areas.

Superior Drainage

While choosing quality of artificial grass floor for play grounds one should pay special focus on type of material for flooring because there is a cushion like padding under artificial grass that is designed basically to protect kids from injuries and it is more comfortable than original grass because of its double layer padding and soft bristles, normally while applying artificial grass special attention is paid to drainage system of water so that water moves out of grass floor easily and because of this good drainage system water does not retain here and you can use it after rain without any fear of soil stains on your clothes.

The superior drainage of artificial grass floor makes it easy for kids to play without making their clothes dirty.

Year-Round Usability

When it comes to choosing between natural and artificial grasses lots of people are choosing artificial grass over natural because its uses are too obvious it is very easy to maintain and you can apply this grass field in short time.

In case of natural grass you have to wait for a very long period of time after planting it into soil but artificial grass is ready just after applying and procedure of applying it is also very easy and less messy.

You can choose types of fibers for your playgrounds so that you can have it in the way you want for better safety you can use softest bristles so that kids do not get hurt while playing and do not get any bruises and scratches, moreover you can use better quality pad floor under grass floor for caustioning purpose as well.

These grass fields are easy to manage and moreover you do not have to invest for its maintenance again and again. After applying artificial grass now you can use it for years without facing any issue. It is artificial and can be used by kids for unlimited time without any fear of damaging grass bristles.

Cleanliness And Accessibility

Artificial grass fields can be used for indoor as well as outdoor floors because of variety of options in choosing and quality and material for artificial grass field people are more comfortable with customizing their lawns with artificial grass.

In playgrounds choosing artificial grass over natural has a lot of benefits, you can use these fields anytime for unlimited hours because there is no damaging of bristles.

Natural grass fields are difficult to maintain because of its direct contact with soil it becomes unhygienic for childrens, they run and fell on the ground and soil can make them dirty and after rains natural grass is more soggy which makes stain on clothes permanent and its tough to deal with them while on the other hand artificial grass fields are clean because they do not have any contact with soil and children can play over it without being dirty with mud.

Artificial grass fields are popular because of its accessibility and durability you can easily use wheelchair on it without seeing any kind of damage and hence can be used in any accessible playground.


There are benefits of choosing artificial grass over natural grass, you can use any quality of grass bristles in playgrounds for making it more safe for kids, natural grass can scratch the skin of kids while playing because of its stiff bristles, moreover natural grass has direct contact with soil hence it is difficult to keep children clean while playing in such playgrounds, but playgrounds with artificial grass are free from all such hustles.

You do not have to spend money for maintaining artificial grass, once you place it in a playground it can be used for years.

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