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Artificial Grass vs Sod

Artificial Grass vs Sod: Which is better

Looking for artificial grass vs sod guide?

In this blog we will be going through the benefits of artificial grass and Sod to make it easier for you to understand which one is better and which one should be used for your next landscaping project. Each have their benefits and unique in its own way. Information we will discuss will help you decide which would be best for you.

Artificial Grass

If you are looking to design a functional and beautiful outdoor space one of the most important aspect which plays a crucial role is the grassy area. The lush green lawn can provide great aesthetics to the landscape with not only adding to the look of the surrounding but also providing space for recreation or relaxation. But maintain natural grass can be a tough task looking at the cost and time it involves, so it is where artificial grass comes in.

We will discuss how artificial grass is beneficial and effective and how it helps you maintain a great environment.

Benefits of artificial grass

  • Low Maintenance with high appeal: artificial grass gives the same look as natural grass is used but it has a low maintenance cost. Being different from natural grass, it requires no watering or mowing or even fertilizing. It’s a hassle-free low maintenance cost alternate which can have saving time and having a perfect lawn for outdoors.
  • Water Conservation: As artificial grass is low maintenance and does not require watering, it reduces the consumption of water and contribute to the environment stability.
  • No Chemicals: For organic natural lawn, you need the help of pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides. With the help artificial grass, it eliminates the need of chemicals resulting in an eco-friendly alternate.
  • Weather Resistant: Whatsoever the weather is being it winters on hot scorching summer heat, artificial grass can hold in all kind of extreme weathers without loose it vibrant texture or color. So, we can easily say that artificial grass can withstand all kind of weathers.
  • Pet & Children friendly: Artificial grass is designed in a way to be pet and children friendly. It is resistible to rough use, wear and tear and very easy to clean. It provides a comfortable and soft surface to play on for your pets and children.

Using the right quality of artificial grass is important depending on your usage requirements. There are a few considerations that should be taken when choosing artificial grass. Some important factors are Identify Purpose or usage, Blade shape & Length, its density & weight, backing material and its UV stability.

Other factors also include your budget. Grass is generally sold and measured in metering, its key to measure your area so you know how much grass do you need.


Sod is known as a pre-grown grass which includes roots and the soil. Sod is generally available in rolls and laid out for a fresh lawn. Sod has its own set of advantages starting from one see to a complete finished product. Sod is grass which is ready to lay out and already been grown. Its faster than planting your own seeds for the grass and waiting for it to grow.

Some commercial applications of Sods are like golf courses, sports stadiums who need a perfectly manicured lush green grass.

Comparison of Sod to other alternates from Grass seed to artificial grass in it expensive and not for everyone. Sods can be found in two different types. One is for the warm season and the other for a cooler season. Warm season sod cannot hold in temperatures ranging from 55 degree to 65-degree Fahrenheit.

Cool season sod can hold the winters but they cannot thrive when the temperature goes around 90-degree Fahrenheit. Some common considerations while choosing sod are the regions climate, the price and its care requirement.  There are seven steps to install sod.

Step 1 include testing the soil and the choosing the grass type want to install. Then you determine the area and evaluate how much Sod is need. Then an important step includes killing and removing any left-over sod and then preparing the soil and leveling for landscape. Towards the end you install the new sod and then water and fertilize it.

Benefits of Sod

  • Flexibility: Sod is flexible as it can be planted at any time of the year as long is the ground is not frozen. Unlike seeds which have limited window to grow into moderate temperature sod can be grown at all times.
  • Reliability: Sod are a reliable alternate as the grass seed can dry out easily or get blown away. Grass seed can fail to germinate, but with sod the installation is already stitched.
  • Speed: Sod is considered as the best ideal choice for prevention of erosion of exposed soil. It helps in covering the stabilization and cover the velocity and directions of storm run-off. It also enhances the drainage in areas where grass seed can easily wash away. Sod also acts as a blanket with its established roots and keep the soil in its place from the beginning.
  • Forgiveness: Sod requires daily watering so there is a risk of failure of getting neglect or loss of seeds from birds of wind or erosion. Most sods are hardy and when they are properly installed and cared, the roots grow quickly.
  • Time Saving: Sod can be time saving when installed as once it is watered and layered, within two to three weeks you can start to play, run or walk on your new lawn.
  • Ideal for difficult areas: There are plenty of areas which are difficult like steep hills and slopes that are best with sod as compared to seed. Seeds when installed in difficult areas results in bare spots and washing away.
  • Less Weed: There are lest chances of pesky weeds to grow in your garden with you choose sod. Sod is grown professionally. Being said that it doesn’t been that usage of sold will totally eliminate weed.

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