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How To Choose The Artificial Grass For Events

Do you plan to organize a successful event and you are now looking for artificial grass for events? Then read this blog where all the factors are put together in a good sequence to help you understand and choose a good artificial grass.

Event factors

Below are some of the event factors that you should consider before buying any type of grass.


You should first understand the purpose of your event and then choose a grass that suits that event. If it is a small event with minimum guests then you can choose any grass but if the event is going to host many people along with kids then you need good quality grass.


If it is a few hours long event then any grass can work but if the event is going to be for a few days then you should choose a long-lasting grass.-Location


Whether it is an outdoor event or an indoor event you should choose the artificial grass according to it. For indoors, the grass should be clean and nondamaging to the floor.

Grass features

You should consider the following features before you buy any grass for your event. These few factors are important to consider whenever you are buying artificial grass.

Pile height

The first factor is the pile height. You should always consider different pile heights of the grass based on your needs.  For example, if you need the turf for sports such as rugby or football then a longer pile will be required with soft fibres. This will help the players play easily by sliding or running on the grass without the fear of falling. For Rugby, the pile height should be 65mm while for football it should be 40~60 mm.

If the turf is used for other kinds of sports that need a shorter pile like hockey or golf then you should buy that. The shorter pile helps to have a smooth ball roll.

If it is for commercial decoration or some residential landscaping then you should go for the leisure turf with a 30~40 mm pile height.

The turf layer would be around 20 mm which should be 3/4 inches on a low pile height. This should be the measurement of turf blades and if there are padded backing layers then that’s even better.

For pets, short turf would be great as it would be easy to remove the waste. The dirt and waste are hard to remove from high turf even with a garden hose or a sprayer.

If it is for a cozy place to enjoy a weekend with your friends then short turf is recommended as it will provide a firm support for chairs and tables. Other longer turf can cause furniture to slip.

Face weight

The face weight means the density of the blades and the amount of grass placed per square yard and its measurement. You will find that the high face weight represents a softer feel with a dense product.

The range of face weight is usually starting from 90 ounces to about 50 ounces. If it is heavy for example it is 90 ounces as compared to the fifty ounces, the stronger it will be. The beautiful appearance of the grass is compromised if the right face weight is not considered so choose wisely.

The face weight that is too light can reduce its lifespan and make the artificial grass die out early. For events, you should consider choosing a heavy face weight as that is great for playing and running. Since many people would be walking around and children would be playing on events then a heavy face weight would work well.

But for homes where there are not many people stepping on the grass or running on it for sports activities all the time, I recommend using a lighter face weight.


Artificial turf drainage is an important factor to consider when buying an artificial grass. Because if there is no proper drainage then the grass will wear out quickly and die early. You will see water standing on the turf whenever there is rain or there has been a leakage of water on the grass.

If there is no proper drainage then playing sports or even simply waking on the artificial experience would be ruined. Not just this but also this standing water will create other safety as well as health issues for example harmful bacteria build up.

Standing water preventing turf, then again, wipes out these issues. Now and again, quickly depleting artificial turf can really deplete away water quicker than quality turf can. Your artificial grass surface stays appealing, safe, and useable, and there’s practically no personal time after heavy rainfall.


The next factor you should consider before buying artificial grass is a good infill. It depends on many factors but my recommendation for you is to use the Zeofill. It is also great for those with synthetic lawns who like to have pets. While this is great for pets if you want an infill recommendation for playgrounds and sports fields then silica sand and crumb rubber are for you.


Another important thing to consider is the durability of the artificial grass that you are buying. If it lasts for years then you should consider using it in your home but if its lifespan is short then you should avoid it.


In conclusion, artificial grass has been used for a long time in different events for décor purposes and they provide a fresh look to the event. If you are planning to buy one then you should check its Pile height, Face weight, Drainage, Infill, and durability before buying. Also don’t forget to consider the location and purpose of the event and choose the artificial grass that suits your event!

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