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Synthetic Turf vs Artificial Grass

Synthetic Turf vs Artificial Grass

Looking synthetic turf vs artificial grass guide?

With the modern lifestyle, designing, décor, and a lot more have evolved. People are relying more on artificial lifestyles as the natural landscapes are disappearing. Tedious work also keeps people busy. But the advancement has allowed the generation to stay connected to hobbies in various ways.

In this article, we will discuss synthetic turf vs artificial grass. These two terms are often intermingled and cause a lot of confusion around them as well. Even if both of these serve a similar purpose, there are a lot of differences between them.

It is essential to understand the difference so one can choose the best thing, either for a sports arena or for home décor. This article focuses on differentiating synthetic turf and artificial grass. It also delves into the benefits of each of these.

What is Synthetic turf?

First of all, let us understand what is synthetic turf. As the name suggests, turf is mainly associated with sports. The high-end construction of societies generally involves an artificial turf for the people. This artificial turf is used as a sports ground.

The artificial turf is made using synthetic fibers. They look like natural grass but are actually a little hard in nature. It is durable and works well for sports. There are many sports complexes world-wide that rent artificial turf for smaller games. This synthetic turf is made using rubber, flexible plastics, etc.

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The synthetic turf is reliable, flexible, and is low maintenance. The main usage is related to the sports industry only. We will cover extended points in the benefits section.

What is Artificial grass?

Let us now get an idea of what is artificial grass. The term makes it easier to understand. To clarify, this is mostly used as a décor item. Artificial grass includes a huge variety of products. These include residential lawns, balcony mats, commercial landscapes, or even playgrounds.

The raw material used in the creation of artificial grass varies according to the height and size of the artificial grass. But polyethylene is the main material. The base can be made of latex as well. The synthetic fibers are woven on the base to give it a grass-like look.

Artificial grass is more common these days in terrace decorations, balcony décor, and children’s playhouses. These are low maintenance and can be used for a long time. You will get to know the benefits in the next section.

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Difference Between Synthetic Turf vs Artificial Grass

The main idea behind this article is to discuss the difference between synthetic turf vs artificial grass. Most of the time, these two terms are used together. Artificial grass is the main term, and synthetic turf is a type of it.

The main difference is the use of both of these and the way they are constructed. Synthetic turf, as we discussed earlier, is used for sports related matters. That is why it has to be durable. So, the construction also uses heavy raw materials.

On the other hand, artificial grass is used for home décor purposes and, thus, is made using delicate materials. The synthetic turf has long fibers and a denser construction to avoid any injury while playing on it. It is designed to handle heavy foot traffic and provide optimum playing conditions.

The material used in the construction of synthetic fibers is shock absorbent and provides stability. It attempts to fulfill the sports requirement. Coming back to the artificial grass now. It is useful in creating aesthetics, so it adds more to the visuals.

It is also used at home, so it is made using lighter materials. It gives a cushion-soft touch to the feet. These are used as interior décor, so they are very low maintenance.

Benefits of synthetic turf

It is time to now find out the benefits of synthetic turf. There are multiple benefits, but we will focus on what is most important.

How many times have we seen a delay in matches due to the weather? The best thing about the synthetic turf is that it does not delay the match in any season. It can be used effectively across the year with the lowest maintenance.

The synthetic turf is made using durable and flexible materials. It ensures avoiding injuries as much as possible. The synthetic turf is also a long-lasting one. Without cutting the grass or watering it, it can work the best for many years.

Benefits of artificial grass

Let us now discuss the benefits of artificial grass. First of all, you do not need water or pesticides to maintain your lawn. The artificial grass requires almost no time to clean. As it is weather-proof, you can enjoy the artificial grass across all seasons.

There is no fear of bugs or insects during the rainy season or dry grass during the winter. If you have pets or children at home, this is the safe one for sure. You also do not need to buy a lot of garden equipment to keep cutting the grass or weeding out the unwanted plants.


This article tries to differentiate between synthetic turf and artificial grass. It covers the basic definitions and benefits of each of these. You can buy one as per your requirements. Make sure you check the quality before buying. These are made to last longer but low quality is a big no.

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