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Artificial Grass Around Pool Ideas

8 Artificial Grass Around Pool Ideas

Looking for artificial grass around pool ideas?

If you are interested in creating a vivid and special oasis around your pool, especially designed for you you’ll need more than blue water and lounge chairs. Artificial grass gives a more scenic view that can be created for your special place and, at the same time gives a versatile and low-maintenance solution. Creating a lush and inviting oasis around your pool involves more than just blue water and lounge chairs.

A beautiful outdoor space is something that can be easily achieved by having the right ideas and materials. In this article, we’ll share the data we gathered during our exploration of artificial grass ideas and how can it improve the aesthetic as well as the functionality of your pool area.

Artificial Grass Around Pool Idea 1

Artificial Grass Around Pool Ideas

Transforming your poolside into a serene oasis is effortless with the Brighton 25mm artificial grass. This type of grass has a unique ability to blend design and practicality. With its medium-length blades, it is perfect for landscaping and creating luxurious feeling pool areas. The best thing is that it comes in two options Straight Yarn (Polyethylene) and Curly Yarn (Polypropylene).

The price is very good regarding the opportunity to create a great place for relaxation and enjoyment around your pool, not costing you arm and leg.  The Brighton 25mm is an ideal choice for those who desire a classic and timeless ambiance around their pool.

Artificial Grass Around Pool Idea 2

Artificial Grass Around Pool Ideas

For those seeking a more lavish poolside experience, the Brighton 40mm artificial grass is an excellent choice. The 40mm height provides a comfortable surface suitable for kids’ friendly areas around the poolside. What’s more important The Brighton 40mm comes in four different yarn colors: olive, emerald, dark Green, and blonde, offering the perfect choice to ensure luxurious pool landscaping that will offer you a feeling of freshness in your little hideaway.

Artificial Grass Around Pool Idea 3

Artificial Grass Around Pool Ideas

Escape the heat and infuse your pool area with a refreshing vibe using the Summer Lush 35mm artificial grass. Summer Lush artificial grass is a great choice for poolside lounging. With its vibrant colors, gives freshens to the whole area, and also it adds coziness and elegance which are important for having heaven in your poolside. With this grass type, you can create a more comfortable and inviting space for you and your friends making memorable moments during summertime.

Artificial Grass Around Pool Idea 4

Artificial Grass Around Pool Ideas


Elevate your poolside comfort with the Prestige 45mm artificial grass. The name itself shouts out prestige so if this is what you want to achieve, this grass is the perfect choice for your poolside. With its long and outstanding blades, Prestige 45mm artificial grass offers a great feeling of softness under your feet that you’ll feel like you are in paradise.

It’s ideal for you to create a feeling like you are in some resort and enjoy your cocktail while the sun is shining on top of you. The poolside created by this artificial grass, gives a premium experience and look. On the positive side, it has exceptional durability which makes as the perfect choice for you.

Artificial Grass Around Pool Idea 5

Artificial Grass Around Pool Ideas

Bring the excitement of the golf course to your backyard with the Putting Green 15mm artificial grass. Perfect for those who love both swimming and sports activities, this grass type allows you to combine recreation and relaxation seamlessly.

The short blades create a smooth and even surface, resembling a professional putting green. Enhance your pool area with a playful yet elegant touch. Even though this grass-type Putting Green 15 mm can be used for golf areas it’s also suitable for creating a multifunctional place for relaxation and other activities.

Artificial Grass Around Pool Idea 6

Artificial Grass Around Pool Ideas

Embrace coastal vibes with The Esplanade 35 artificial grass, designed to evoke the feeling of a beachside retreat. The medium-length blades gave us the feeling of seagrass, at the same time creating a natural and brisk ambiance. This grass type complements pool areas with a more relaxed and laid-back ambiance. The Esplanade 35 is perfect for everyone who wants to experience the coastal magic, and tranquility in their poolside Eden.

Artificial Grass Around Pool Idea 7

Artificial Grass Around Pool Ideas

For a seamless and elegant poolside transformation, opt for the Exhibition Artificial Grass available in full rolls. This grass type provides a continuous, unbroken expanse of lush greenery around your pool. Furthermore, it creates a visually magical and harmonized finish that you want to give to your poolside. The full rolls ensure a consistent and professional finish, making it an ideal choice for those who prioritize a polished and refined look for their pool area. The Exhibition Artificial Grass in full rolls is for those who are perfectionists and need precision and neatness around them.

Artificial Grass Around Pool Idea 8

Artificial Grass Around Pool Ideas

Introducing The Esplanade 35, an artificial grass type designed to be part of every poolside design you choose. Its medium-length blades, offer the extra softness and feeling of shorelines you want to achieve.  The color palette green and brown, offered by this grass type can create a great mixture and feeling of freshness and earthiness at the same time. The Esplanade 35 is a perfect choice for those seeking a harmonious mix of sophistication and relaxation sanctuary keeping the aesthetic vibes.

By introducing artificial grass around your pool, not only you have a more picturesque setting, but it also improves your poolside design, and it will make it a more natural and relaxing area. Whether you prioritize comfort, luxury, or a specific aesthetic, there’s a perfect artificial grass type to complement your poolside retreat.

While you are still inspired by all these interesting design ideas we have shared with you, check our website for further information.

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