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Things To Consider Before Buying Artificial Grass in Geelong

Looking for artificial grass in Geelong?

It is not unexpected that many Geelong homes are moving to artificial grass. This change has many advantages, such as lower water bills, excellent aesthetics, and less upkeep.

There are a few crucial things to consider when making the best decision while purchasing artificial grass. As you buy artificial grass, be aware of the following:

Understanding Your Needs

Spend some time analyzing your unique needs and goals. Consider the area’s intended usage (sports, gardening, pet spaces, etc.), desired aesthetics, financial limits, and long-term upkeep issues. Knowing what you need can help you choose the artificial grass that most closely matches your tastes and way of life.

Geelong’s Climate

The Köppen climate classification places Geelong, Australia, in the Cfb category. Geelong has pleasant, warm summers (from December to mid-March) and moderate winters (from late May to August) due to its subtropical oceanic environment.

One of Geelong’s distinctive features is its range of temperatures and even annual rainfall, with no month being either dry or very wet.

The climate in Geelong does affect whether artificial lawns are suitable. Let’s investigate some details about this:

It’s critical to comprehend the climate in Geelong if you’re thinking about purchasing artificial grass. Therefore, you want to choose artificial grass to withstand Australian weather. This is a crucial point:

  • All-Weather Usage: Artificial grass is still useable in all weather conditions, including intense heat or rain. It is perfect for outdoor settings since it doesn’t become dirty or damp, unlike actual grass.

Most importantly, choose artificial grass solutions that are dependable for outdoor activities and appropriate for all weather situations. Synthetic grass designed to resist severe heat, cold, and precipitation is the ideal substitute. All you need to do to keep your grass green all year round is minor maintenance.

In conclusion, the weather does not affect artificial lawns in Geelong. A lush, green lawn is something you can enjoy all year long with the correct installation and high-quality materials!

Also, consider drainage solutions for your lawn since Geelong sees rainfall, particularly during its mild winter months. Examine the drainage situation on your property and put suitable measures in place, including sloping surfaces or perforated pipes. In addition to ensuring a dry and clean surface, proper drainage reduces the chance of mold and mildew growth.

Product Quality

Select artificial grass composed of high-grade, UV-resistant, and non-toxic materials. Seek for materials with robust backing and fibers resistant to deterioration from the elements and high foot traffic. Purchasing premium materials will guarantee your artificial grass’s durability and long-term aesthetic appeal.

Therefore, you should always choose materials with a high-quality finish and attention to detail, whether for homes, companies, schools, or athletic fields.

Installation and Maintenance

Do you need a professional installation, or can you install it yourself? This is something to think about before purchasing artificial grass in Geelong.

Installing your artificial grass yourself is an excellent method to save a few bucks. You may ask yourself, “How am I expected to install artificial grass when I’ve never done that?” and we understand. Relax! To help you through the procedure, below is an essential do-it-yourself guide:

  1. To begin with, you must clear the space, add edging, and prepare the foundation of the artificial grass installation site.
  2. Install artificial grass: After finishing the necessary prep, gently unfold the artificial grass onto the painstakingly prepared ground. For a uniform, organic look, ensure all of the grass blades are pointing in the same direction.
  3. Connect and fasten the grass rolls: When more than one roll of artificial turf is required, connecting them flawlessly is essential.
  4. Apply Infill: Adding infill material to artificial grass is crucial in making it more resilient and stable. Evenly distribute rubber granules or silica sand across the turf’s surface. The infill material should be evenly and carefully distributed with a stiff broom or power brush.
  5. Brush and Fluff: After applying infill, brushing the grass fibers is crucial. Gently and continuously massage the fake grass with a power brush or broom.

Using the do-it-yourself approach can save you money on installation costs and allows you to boast to your neighbors about it.

You may employ a local grass fitter to assist you with the installation if you’re not too confident doing the installation yourself.

There are many installation techniques for artificial grass: complete installation with infill, partial installation over preexisting surfaces, and non-infill systems. Each approach offers pros and downsides regarding cost, performance, and aesthetics. Discuss the best approach with installers depending on your requirements and the site’s characteristics.


Artificial grass is a lush, low-maintenance substitute for real turf that may completely change the appearance of any outdoor area. You may guarantee a seamless and fruitful procedure that satisfies your practical, aesthetic, and environmental objectives by considering these crucial variables before installation. For years to come, artificial grass will improve your outdoor space with appropriate design, preparation, and upkeep.

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