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5 Reasons to Use Artificial Grass for Tennis Court

This article focuses on 5 reasons to use artificial grass for tennis court.

If you own a tennis court or want to build one, you must be worried about the surface. Having real grass is definitely high-maintenance. Centuries ago, real grass was used as a court surface but over the years, tennis court surfaces have evolved.

With the changing times and needs, it was necessary to switch to a practical surface alternative. And thus, artificial grass gained prominence. Let us know more about the benefits of the artificial grass on the tennis court.

Low Maintenance

Most changes happening in this modern world are low-maintenance. It is also one of the significant advantages of using artificial grass for tennis court. It requires low maintenance and less attention and care.

Regular mowing, watering, and fertilizing of natural grass not only consumes a lot of time but costs as well. Hiring labor, paying for water bills and fertilizers, etc. is definitely costly. You also need professional ground keepers to make sure the tennis court surface is playable.

On the other hand, you use a cost-effective solution when you switch to artificial grass. There is also no need of detailed maintenance. As synthetic turf or artificial grass does not grow, you do not need to mow or water it.

Increased Play Time

Natural grass gets affected by seasons and weather changes. Monsoons make natural grass courts muddy and slippery. Continuous exposure to sunlight during summers can make natural grass dry and uncomfortable for tennis matches.

This leads to delays in matches and match cancellations. Hence, play time is reduced. But when it comes to artificial grass, the scenario is different. Artificial grass is designed in such a way that it can stay sturdy in all weather conditions.

The drainage system that artificial grass has disperses water quickly and can be reused shortly after the rain. With no match delays, consistent games can take place. Thus, with more hours on the tennis court, play time eventually increases.

Safer for Players

No matter which game it is, players’ safety is of utmost importance. The basic issue with natural grass is that it becomes uneven and slippery as per the weather. The chances of getting injured increase during such times. Thus, it is not very safe for players, especially when there is an extreme change in weather conditions.

Meanwhile, artificial grass offers surface consistency. It also reduces the risk of falls and injuries. The artificial grass for tennis courts is designed to provide cushioning and traction.

Thus, it keeps player’s joints and muscles safe and reduces strain. Accordingly, there are fewer chances of injuries. You can always change the synthetic turf if it gets affected by weather conditions. Though the design itself allows the artificial grass court to adjust as per the weather.

Consistent Playing Experience

Lack of maintenance of natural grass can affect player’s consistency. The behavior of tennis ball also depends on the situation of the ground. This eventually leads to inconsistent playing experience. We often see that such situations affect the fairness and competitiveness of matches.

But when it comes to artificial grass, it acts as a uniform surface. And it also remains constant without being affected by external factors. Artificial grass offers a reliable and predictable playing environment.

With such uniform courts, we get fair match results and the consistency of players is also maintained. It proves beneficial for new trainees.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Are natural grass courts durable? Definitely not. But that is what makes artificial grass different from natural grass. The artificial grass tennis courts last really long and, hence, speak of durability. Unlike natural grass, artificial grass is not prone to wear and tear. It can hold heavy foot traffic as well.

The rigorous design of artificial grass allows constant games and heavy use of the court. You won’t see uneven patches on these artificial courts. It is designed using heavy-duty synthetic material that has a long life.

The color also does not fade due to UV rays. The look and performance of such artificial turfs are maintained for years without high-maintenance.


There are endless advantages to using synthetic turf but we have discussed only 5 reasons to use artificial grass for tennis courts. It is a great choice when it comes to less maintenance and cost-effective solution.

Provide a high-quality, durable, and reliable court to tennis enthusiasts with an artificial tennis court. This way, you attract more players by meeting the demands of modern tennis players.

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